Terms of Service and FAQ

Purchasing merchandise from this website by using any one of the payment methods provided to you at checkout, Apocalypse Holsters reserves the right to change its prices and payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

If you find there is a problem with your holster, please contact us so we can fix the problem. Holsters may not be returned unless there is a defect . Holster purchases will not be refunded for any other reason due to each holster being customized to the buyer's selections. So make sure you know your firearm and light before you order. All sales are final. 

Holster will have a Limited Lifetime Warranty regarding function. This does not include scratches or minor damage from use or missing hardware such as screws, spacers or belt clips. They will not be replaced under warranty.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the options they choose are the correct options. This includes style of holster you prefer, firearm and or light selections. Returns will not be accepted for options mistakenly chosen by the customer or if you decide after you receive the holster that it doesn't fit your body style.

Apocalypse Holsters reserves the right to cancel your order.



++ Will the finish and/or cerakote on my slide be affected by the holster?

Our holsters are made from Kydex plastic which is a hard thermo molding plastic. Normal wear and tear will occur from the slide touching the holster when drawing and re-holstering. Aftermarket slides which have been machined or design cut can cause additional wear. We fit holsters with oem slides before shipping. We are not responsible for scratches or scratches done to the finish on your firearm.


++ Do you make holsters for a specific firearm or weapon light setup?

If we do not have it listed on our website then we do not offer it at this time.


++ I am local can I just come by and pickup my order?

No, we do not have a store front and no time for scheduling times for pick up.


++ Do your holsters make the click sound?

The click sound that most people think of when buying a holster comes from the indention created to hold pressure on the trigger guard. When purchasing a holster with a light on it, there are not always good retention points on every model light. So some lights will only have a pressure fit and some will have a click feel. The click sound is not something we guarantee on our holsters.


++Will my holster still retain my gun if I remove the weapon light?

No it will not, light needs to be attached to have retention.


++I received a different clip that in the picture?

We do our best to keep products as pictured in stock but due to manufacturing supplies from time to time we have to substitute other similar clips in to keep production on schedule.


++Can I return my holster if I ordered wrong model-color-option?

We do not accept returns due to each holster being made to your specifications, It is your responsibility to ensure you have made the correct selections before you purchase.